Chicago, Illinois


James has always shown two rare abilities as an experienced writer and an editor.   He possesses a remarkable capacity to attend to detail and to repair text, as his flawless copyediting demonstrates.  He also has strong skills in developing effective writing strategies – organizing sentences into coherent paragraphs and paragraphs into a successful document. Beyond this, Jim appreciates economy in writing English without sacrificing precision, nuance and elaboration. Jim’s other strengths serve his clients well.  He is direct, honest and principled in making and keeping his commitments.

David Alexander, Ph.D. Director of Research, Illinois Action for Children

Jim’s use of language is impeccable and his writing acumen makes him equally capable to edit and co-create written works.  One would not only be selecting a structural editor but one who could advance ideas and identify the pace of delivery, thus blending the art and science of writing.  Jim’s ability to connect with ideas is mirrored by his humble demeanor, he is a people person making Jim a pleasure to work with.

Alex Cameron, MS, LPC Director of Clinical Services, Pressley Ridge

My writing is often wordy, and I use too many dashes and half quote marks—so putting concepts into reader-friendly material calls for editing. With Jim’s help, a brief manual on working with a specific target population became a useful tool for clinical supervisors and their staff who work with this population. His ability to grasp and then convey these ideas in a succinct, clear way resulted in the agency adopting and distributing the manual. The process with Jim was a dialogue, giving me opportunities to talk over revisions. I highly recommend Jim as an editor.

Robert W. Sheen, MA, LMFT Marriage and Family Therapy Supervisor Adjunct Professor, Chatham University, Pittsburgh, PA

Jim is a talented writer and editor.  In every position he has held, whether he was a journalist, a therapist, or a consultant, writing was the gift that elevated his performance. Jim’s use of language sets him apart. He creates partnerships as he works with others that evolve into lasting professional relationships.  He is reliably devoted to his work in every way.

Amy Fenn, M.Ed., W. PA senior director, Pressley Ridge

Why you can trust your work with James Collins Edits