Services and Fees

James Collins Edits (JCE) provides quality copyediting and developmental editing services to academics and professionals in the social sciences, humanities and natural sciences who seek to publish a book, book chapter, dissertation or journal article. 

  • The copyediting service corrects spelling, punctuation and grammar (usage and syntax) to imbue a manuscript with consistency and a strong narrative voice.
  • Developmental (advanced) editing involves analyzing a manuscript’s organization (paragraph order, paragraph structure) and content. After reviewing the manuscript, the editor will provide a detailed editorial note outlining the big-picture issues that need to be addressed in revision.  JCE will also provide some line or copy edits in the manuscript as examples of effective revisions.


Projects are billed on a per-word basis based on fees that fall within the rate ranges for freelance editing listed by the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA).  For example, the copyediting fee for a 2,500-word manuscript – about 10 traditional typed, double-spaced pages – would be between $82.50 and 92.50; the fee for developmental editing the same manuscript would be in the $107.50 to $125 range.  In both cases, the exact project fee would be determined by the number of words and level of editing required.  In every case, fees amount to a fraction of one cent per word.  Large projects are assessed at an even lower level.

James Collins Editing takes pride in providing quality editing services, which involves a certain investment of time and attention to detail.  Every manuscript is unique; therefore, the deadline for every project is set by the client and JCE before the contract is signed.  JCE strongly believes in finishing projects on time; therefore, clients will receive a 10-percent discount for every 24 hours JCE is late in meeting the contracted deadline – for whatever reason.